Monday, November 30, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Artsy Style

The blog Where Women Create has created a huge for each of the first days of December. 12, count them 12! there............and enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, hai! Just wanted to tell everyone out there in Blog-land to have a stress-free Thanksgiving. I plan to work on my new VA book and then head over to April's for lasagna! Nom, nom, nom...........

Saturday, November 7, 2009

After much time goes by............

....I figured out why I don't like to blog here much. I just waited what seems like an eternity for the pictures to upload. Went and read a couple of chapters of my book while waiting. Might as well multi-task!
Since my last post I have completed several projects. A couple of weeks ago I went to Jane's studio with Karen and took her Halloween book class. It was fun and the kids in my class enjoyed looking at my finished book:
For the past several weeks I have been toiling away at my contribution to Alma Stoller's I "heart" zines exchange. I was to make 10 zines and send them to her. I just mailed them off today, big relief to have that huge project finished and out of the way! I made 3 extras: one for me in case I don't get one back, one for April, and one for my niece, Sara in New York. The zines are several different colors, but essentially the same inside. The covers of the three I kept back:
April's copy:
Just finished this last book today. April, Sara, and I are at the end of a Schmutz Book round robin. We each created covers and sent them on to be decorated and pages added. Schmutz books are created using leftovers and whatever is laying around. The first Schmutz book I ever made was created at April's one night. She started handing me stuff she didn't want or like and I said I would make an attractive book out of it.... and I did! It's almost a tradition now when I go over to her house that I sit and dig through her schmutz bucket and glean "treasures" and start another book for her. Our next project is to create schmutz book kits for each other.