Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Busy with Books!

Seriously, it's kind of like an addiction.......... every thing I buy, see, etc. translates in my mind to "this would look great in, on, or as a book". Ask Cheri. She tries to get me to see other things, asks me what could I do with it, but it always, always comes back to making books. So, I just gave in and made more books! That's what people looked at, touched, read, felt, etc. at the last sale, so I'm just going with it. Forget the purses, pincushions, etc. Just books! For now anyway until the obsession goes away (if it ever does). The first two journals/books (whatever you want to call them) had been flung aside (literally!)......... wasn't happy with them, didn't like the way they came out, didn't think they embodied the visions I had for them. I decided I would try to "save" them and make them "better", at least in my mind. I think I'm finally happy with the results and sewed the signatures in them this morning. I still have one to fill this afternoon, but for now these are finished and ready to sell.
The cover of the first one:
I didn't really do anything to this one, just finally decided it was worthy of signatures. I even had the silver lined beads ready to put on the spine when I "put" it aside. It's growing on me:
A close-up of some of the stitching, hand beading, and hand carved "art" stamp:
I sold one of my rag journals at the sale so felt I needed to replace it. These were one of the journals that were constantly being picked up and perused. This one is a little thicker with pages than the other two I have so I may add a signature to them and make them chunkier.
The cover:

Now back to my studio and more signatures!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy with Books

Flipping through Pam Sussman's book Fabric Art Journals I was inspired to create a couple of books unlike the ones I usually make. For my first attempt I used my hand-dyed muslin. I quilted the chocolate colored cover and used red, blue, and purple for the pages. All have fleece for padding. Pam's book was made with white muslin, colored buttons and ribbons. I didn't like the colors on the brown so I used white/off-white buttons and ribbons. They really popped on the colored muslin. The cover:
Top view of the pages on which are hand sewed many buttons and ribbons at the edges:
Here is my version of the white with colored buttons/ribbons. Again I quilted my own cover with variegated rayon thread. I used cotton batting in the cover and pages. The cover:
Instead of mixing the colors of buttons and ribbons on each page I went with the ROYGBIV rainbow using one color per page. I love the effect!
Each of the books also has a pocket on the inner back cover as well as a small button and ribbons on the back of the cover (not shown). This is a great way to use some of the bazillion buttons and ribbons I have stashed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paper Stacks!

Over on Seth's blog The Altered Page he put out a call for participants to show their paper stacks. Several bloggers have showcased their journals. And I have journals! I don't always use them, but I love to make them and once my studio was rearranged, I can actually display them! These are not all, but they were toppling so I only grabbed the ones I use frequently. Not all are paper, in fact most have fabric covers. The only one I didn't make is the one on the top of this picture; it is a moleskine book that I purchased for traveling. If you look closely and upside down you will see one of my favorite binder clips from KnockKnock that reads "crap". I have others, but this is the mildest one!
This one on top is my idea journal which contains envelopes, patterns, drawings, directions, etc. and is my "go-to" journal for some of my art:
Technically not a stack, but the spines themselves are worthy of a photo:
And a top view:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Piddlin' Around

... with the sewing machine making some new journal covers....... I've been getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest (I'll be adding a button soon). One is ruffles, one is a stitched fall tree, one is fabric pieces hand sewn, one is an experiment with some heavy thread on a piece of painted canvas, and a leaf made from yarn.
Even the photo is not up-to-par (no sun today so I photographed inside.... boo!), I love the way the tree and leaves came out:
Hand sewing ready for more stitching and/or embellishments:
Not liking the canvas so much so I'm salvaging it by adding to it:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Needle Books

I've been making items to get ready for a sale next month in Independence, VA. I just received the application to vend today in the mail. People commented mostly on my needle books, rag journals, and my published Jabberwocky book. So I've been busy the past few days creating a couple of new needle books. As I worked I tweaked the design elements to reflect my more current style. I've forgotten how fun it is to work on a small piece of art! The first is a blue owl book. The front:
The back (which I tweaked to add the button and little swatch of fabric:
The second is a nesting doll in black, brown, and cream:
again the back:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Special Order

This past Saturday Cheri and I had a couple of tables set up at the Matthews Farm Quilt Show in Galax. We didn't know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised by the response we received from the people shopping. We both sold some items and made some connections. I am relieved that there are people here who "get" my art and enjoy it. I sold a couple of journals to two young girls and a needle book. I also had an order for a book for a 90th birthday celebration. Once I pulled out the blue fabric it all took shape rather quickly. Marie enjoys baskets and I found an embroidered doily with a basket of flowers (in blue... how fortuitous!) and remembered the tiny basket my mother gave me on my last visit. I sat and blanket stitched the cover together last night while watching Hell's Kitchen. I will be calling the woman who ordered it for her mother today and delivering as promised! I'm not sure whether it was easier or more difficult working in specific parameters, but I think it came out nice............

Friday, September 2, 2011


While visiting my mother in my hometown (Madison, NY) I took a long walk to the next town and shot some photos of interesting textures. Not sure what I want to do with them......... any suggestions?
rock wall:
wormy wood:
rusty hinge and peeling paint:
rock wall:
telephone pole: