Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Piddlin' Around

... with the sewing machine making some new journal covers....... I've been getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest (I'll be adding a button soon). One is ruffles, one is a stitched fall tree, one is fabric pieces hand sewn, one is an experiment with some heavy thread on a piece of painted canvas, and a leaf made from yarn.
Even the photo is not up-to-par (no sun today so I photographed inside.... boo!), I love the way the tree and leaves came out:
Hand sewing ready for more stitching and/or embellishments:
Not liking the canvas so much so I'm salvaging it by adding to it:


  1. can u post a pic of ur machine? it intrigues me. as in u use jockey or some other one? :S

  2. Congrats Penny you are the winner of the Art Journal...I sent email with notice..Woo Hoo...EnJoY..!

  3. Thank you for the comment on my blog Penney (re stacks)! Yours is one I have marked to come back to when I have time!