Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Busy with Books!

Seriously, it's kind of like an addiction.......... every thing I buy, see, etc. translates in my mind to "this would look great in, on, or as a book". Ask Cheri. She tries to get me to see other things, asks me what could I do with it, but it always, always comes back to making books. So, I just gave in and made more books! That's what people looked at, touched, read, felt, etc. at the last sale, so I'm just going with it. Forget the purses, pincushions, etc. Just books! For now anyway until the obsession goes away (if it ever does). The first two journals/books (whatever you want to call them) had been flung aside (literally!)......... wasn't happy with them, didn't like the way they came out, didn't think they embodied the visions I had for them. I decided I would try to "save" them and make them "better", at least in my mind. I think I'm finally happy with the results and sewed the signatures in them this morning. I still have one to fill this afternoon, but for now these are finished and ready to sell.
The cover of the first one:
I didn't really do anything to this one, just finally decided it was worthy of signatures. I even had the silver lined beads ready to put on the spine when I "put" it aside. It's growing on me:
A close-up of some of the stitching, hand beading, and hand carved "art" stamp:
I sold one of my rag journals at the sale so felt I needed to replace it. These were one of the journals that were constantly being picked up and perused. This one is a little thicker with pages than the other two I have so I may add a signature to them and make them chunkier.
The cover:

Now back to my studio and more signatures!

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