Monday, July 22, 2013

I just wanted to give a big artist shout out to an inspirational blogger, youtuber that I keep going back to again and again lately.  JenniBellie is an artist that seems to have the same artistic philosophy as me... she saves lots of "stuff" that would otherwise be tossed or trashed.  I savor her videos and am inspired by the work she does with recycled materials.  Check out her blog here and watch some of her videos here on youtube.  Now, back to her channel!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A smaller version of the cardboard journal

 I had quite a few pieces of painted cardboard from the last journal I made so I made a smaller version.  I still have pieces left so maybe a teeny version is in the future!  Who knows?
The cover:

 The pages some of which are scrapbook paper in between the cardboard.
Top view of the chunkiness of this journal:
A close up of the cover and spine.  The pink and red hearts are an old earring.
I've been wanting to try paper beads and finally gave it a try.  I think they came out pretty decent.  I'll be using them on my books.
 April sent me some of the hotel soap she's been hoarding  collecting and I felted a couple for Dylan's bath.