Thursday, February 24, 2011

More baby stuff

April and I bought some pieces of flannel on sale at Joann's the past week or so and I turned them into receiving blankets and "burp cloths." I used the left-over pieces to make some thingies that could be burp cloths or whatever she wants to do with them. I think I ended up making 9 blankets and 15 burp cloths.
Close-up of the burp cloth:

It's less than 12 hours until April goes to the hospital for labor induction!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dylan's new owl quilt in progress

This is the second attempt at an owl quilt for Dylan's nursery. The first one I started didn't work out so well. I saw this in a magazine I brought with me. The quilt that was in the magazine wasn't very well done, the background fabric had an argyle pattern which the quilter didn't match up and it looked "off". So with the assistance of the ladies at Arizona Quilt here in Peoria I found some better fabrics. The top is ready to quilt and I purchased the background bird fabric for the backing today. I took the top in to show the ladies and they loved it so much the owner took a photo with my information (and Dylan's too!). Not sure what they plan to do with the photo, but I will be checking their web site and will link up if they post it!
I made a slight adjustment to the owl's vest. The original pattern showed the vest machine stitched onto his belly, but I made it a separate unit that actually opens. I think it came out cute. I plan to work on the quilting, backing, and binding in the next day or two. Hopefully I can get most of it finished before they induce April this Friday. Keep your fingers crossed......... I should be a grammy by Saturday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in AZ

It's been a few weeks since my last post and there are 2 main reasons.
#1: I had to fly cross country back to AZ the beginning of the month to be here with April. Her doctor stuck her in the hospital, took a battery of tests and concluded she has preeclampsia. She was released after a week's stay and put on bed rest. She shows no signs of this supposed condition but they continue to take their tests.
#2: I had no GIMP program to shrink my photos to post so I finally got it downloaded and got outside to take some photos of the projects I've been working on here. Honestly, I spent more time and suitcase space on my "stuff" than on clothes. Knowing I would be here in AZ until mid-April (I have no plans to line the airline's pockets by changing my ticket again!) I packed as many projects as possible and bought supplies here for others.
So.......... I continued to work on the ABC book. Finished hand work on the pages, made bias binding, bound the pages, and now I have to decide how best to bind all the pages together. They all have cotton batting in them so the book is quite fat. Still thinking on it!
Completed Dylan's Baby Burrito Blanket while April was in the hospital. The blanket was finished except the edging. I had run out of the variegated blue/white/yellow yarn so toodled over to The Needler's Nest in El Mirage. The ladies in this store are great and took time to get me a great yarn to finish the edging.
Today I was supposed to attend Dina Wakley's class over at Creative Quest in Glendale, but she has walking pneumonia so the class has been postponed. I hope she feels better! I saw a cool journal cover in the current issue of Green Crafts by Stampington. It was made from the denim pocket from a jacket. I found a pink corduroy jacket at Saver's thrift store, but the pocket was too large and wasn't going to work so I used the cuff as a closure instead. I pieced and quilted some fabric from Moda's Giddy line and crocheted the edging in perle cotton. I made some covered buttons and a rolled fabric rose to embellish the front. The pages are watercolor paper and are ready for the rescheduled class.
And lastly, I grabbed some fabric while April was sorting here stash and cut it into strips for her rag journal (like the ones in my etsy shop). She hasn't used it yet, but probably will take it to the hospital with her next week when they induce her. They will induce her early next Friday morning and if all goes well I will be a Grandma next weekend!