Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Matroiska Needle Book

Another needle book under my belt. I wanted to do the one for my mother in purples, but after I bought the black, tan, and cream fabrics at Joann's they called my name. I am quite pleased with the result. I particularly like how my nesting doll applique came out! I will be sending this to my mother soon.
The cover with the matroiska doll:
Inside cover for scissors and first page for needle threaders:
Beading and crewel needle pages:
Sharps and tapestry:
Back cover with her name and a ruler to show the actual size. They are pretty small (3X4 inches), but how can they be portable if too large, hm?

Easter Fun at April's

Max and Jack playing with bubbles:
... and me playing with April's Easter basket!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nom, nom, nom....Cookie Yumminess

I LOVE PARADISE BAKERY SUGAR COOKIES (when lemon zingers aren't available). Every Sat. night Dave stops in the PB on the corner where he works and brings me home 2 sugar cookies for Sun. breakfast. They always have holiday related sprinkles..... nom, nom, nom. He has this weekend off and brought me cookies last night. Holy Crap........they have bunny, duck, and Easter egg sprinkles on them! I think I reverted to being 5 years old on Christmas morning today............