Friday, April 13, 2012

Back from Arizona

Dylan turned one in February so I stayed in Arizona to stay with him for 7 weeks!  I knew I had an obligation two days after returning this week so I was busy with several projects while there.  I made a fabric stacking toy for a birthday present, made new curtains for April's living room window, completed a felt and sequin Christmas wreath for Dylan (see photos below), attended Dina's class on encaustic collage, taught a class in Mesa to Lena's Mixed Media group, and painted canvas, muslin, and ribbon for the many books I made.
Here is the completed wreath:
 A close up of some of the candy elements:
 And more candy elements:
The books I made were for the Arts Alive program I was invited to attend which was held Thurs. (2 days after returning) at the local intermediate school.  It was essentially an all day program where artists showcase their craft for the students.  One of the things we were asked to do was show the students how to create our particular craft so I took kits and showed them how to create books with a simple 3 hole pamphlet stitch.  It was primarily girls that were interested, but the ones that learned to make the books were really excited about it!  The event coordinator was thrilled with the reception I received from the students.  She said she heard many of them talking about the "book table."  I did sell many items and could have sold more, but many of the students told me they didn't bring money because they were unaware of the event.  I'll mention that to the coordinator for next year.  I'm definitely invited back and I'm thrilled, it was a good day with the kids!  While there I took photos of my table set-up to use for other applications.  There are several events that require a photo of the "booth" when they jury your art.  Baby steps are getting me where I want to be!  I also made a great contact who gave me more information about places to sell my work.  Here are the photos of my table set up:  
 I use an old crocheted bedspread found at an auction and a ratty, stained quilt for table covers.  I also have a large vintage suitcase on the floor covered with lace
 And a smaller suitcase on the table for display
 Dave made the cool peg display racks and they work great for displaying "floppy" fabric books.  I'm at the point where I can set up in a very short amount of time which is great, I don't have to think too much about it anymore!