Monday, July 16, 2012

Wire Wrapping Jewelry

I'm participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party this summer and got my wire and tools out the other day to work on some wire wrapping.  I really love two books I purchased back in AZ this spring:  Wire Style 2 by Denise Peck and Weave, Wrap, and Coil by Jodi Bombadier.  I'm slowly working my way through the weaving book and have done a couple of items from the Peck book.  I decided to buy Parawire and really love using it.  I have another order ready to place so I can use several other gauges to replace my copper wire.  I'm hoping that I will be able to use one of these techniques on my bead soup.  Here are two wrapped rings:
 I don't have a bracelet mandrel so I did the best I could shaping this woven bracelet by hand.  It turned out okay and I'm sure the next one will be even better.  The front:
 The weaving on the band.  
I really enjoy working with wire and hope to get back to it as soon as I finish rearranging my studio. Uck......