Sunday, September 19, 2010

Journal Pages

For the past week I have been elbow-deep in gesso and paint. I've been working on prepping pages for a small journal (6X8). I think it's a Stampin' Up journal that I purchased several years ago when I was selling the product, but I can' be certain. I had already made a cover with an inset embossed metal design that I painted with alcohol inks so I just needed to work on the pages. I added more pages (a snap when it is wire bound) to make it nice and thick, I ended up with 24 pages (48 sides). It took a few days and two heat guns to prep each side with gesso and even longer to paint each one. I did end up with plenty of paper towels to use later on, though! I used several techniques to paint and several different types of paint (acrylic, fluid acrylic, Lumiere, heavy body Golden acrylic, spray paint, watercolor crayons and pencils), several stencils and masks, some tape, and a sponge roller. I wanted to show a couple of pages in progress (although I painted the pages in the book, I dismantled the pages to satisfy my urge to sew on them.......probably backwards, but HEY, it's my journal! lol). April just recently sent me a goody package from AZ and the transparency frames were sitting on my table so I sewed a couple of the flowers to these pages.
The page below shows one of my new favorite techniques, I wrapped rubber bands around a sponge roller, ran it through the paint and then onto the page. To me it looks like snake skin! The base layer for the top page was brushed on acrylic paint; the bottom page was painted with my fingers.

Sew far Sew good! Now, back to the studio to sew some more stuff on!

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