Saturday, March 12, 2011


Along with taking care of Dylan with mommy for the past two weeks we have been shooting some fabulous newborn photos. I have managed to get some art done, but not as much as I normally would. That's A-Okay! Here is my favorite photo from a shoot we did last week, I love the wrinkled skin and fuzzy back:

The owl quilt is finished as well. I machine quilted in the ditch and around the applique pieces. It now hangs in Dylan's nursery and will soon be joined with an owl quilt from Great Grandma who is a MUCH better quilter than me!
I also made a couple of quilted journals for April and Miranda. Miranda had asked me about a year ago to make her a journal similar to my dragonfly idea journal and I finally got inspired to make it. She has been such a great friend that I wanted to let her know how much I appreciate all she does (like picking me up at the airport when I flew in last month!). After making Miranda's I got in the groove and made a similar journal for April in pink and yellow. My photos are out of order so here is the close-up of the April's cover with the hand embroidery, covered button (my latest addiction!), and beaded spine:
The entire cover of April's journal:
Miranda'a journal: It may be difficult to see but I machine stitched around every flower to give it an appliqued look (and look! covered buttons!):


  1. Oh that baby is So sweeeeet! It makes my heart pitter patter just looking at it. Also your quilt and fabric journals are awesome!

  2. I love your journals, but I have to say that Dylan is one good looking baby, great photo!