Friday, April 15, 2011


It's my last day here in AZ, heading back to VA with Bryan tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I'll be looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, cooler weather, and the birds at the feeder. The bird feeders hadn't attracted any feeders yet when I left the beginning of February, but Dave tells me that we have blue jays and others now! I need to get back to walking with Cheri and Maggie as I think I've probably put on weight here. Also spend way too much money on stuff! So, walking and creating are first on the list. Right after catching up on my sleep, driving to central NY, PA and Binney & Smith, cooking meals, well............okay............sometime then!
Even though it's been busy here at April's taking care of Dylan I've managed to create. I put together a nursery rhyme panel into a soft book for Dylan. The Cat in the Hat book will have to wait until I get home.
Last Friday I took another Dina Wakley class over at Creative Quest in Glendale. The class was "Dear Me". I titled my version "The Evolution of Me." I actually had to take photos of some old photos of me and get them printed in black and white. I sewed rather than glued my photos into the canvas and painted book. I almost finished it in class (a first for me, I usually don't finish and then the projects languish in a bag somewhere in my studio!) and added some finishing touches when I got back "home". The cover:
The book:
A spread with one of my Dylan photos:
The pages are inked and painted watercolor paper and canvas. I carved a couple of stamps (another Dina class!) and used them in the book. You can see the circle stamp on the page above. The heart is on the cover.
And how can I blog without showing off Dylan? He discovered his tongue the other night and I managed to capture the moment:

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