Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Direction

There are several aspects of creating art that I love.  I love that I can take a pile of something and make something else out of it!  I love that I never run out of ideas for creating!  I love that an idea morphs and takes on a life of its own!  And I love that I can take an original creation and keep it fresh!  
My Needle Books started as a necessity for me when I kept searching for the correct needle for the job and was published in the Summer '10 issue of Sew Somerset which thrilled me to no end!  Since that original needle book (which Somerset calls a Sew Supply Keeper) I have continued to create them for my family, friends, and for sale.  The originals were sewn from upholstery fabric for stability, however I was thrown a challenge from my BFF Miranda.  She wanted a book for her grandmother in teal, white, and purple.  If you know anything about upholstery fabric you know that you'd be hard pressed to find purple, teal, or even white in heavier fabric.  Not many people want living room furniture in those colors.  So.......... I put on my thinking cap and went for cotton fabric and decided to reinforce it with cotton batting for that stability I was getting from the heavy fabric.  LOVE IT!  Using cotton fabric has opened up a whole new range of color choices for me and from the reaction on Facebook it looks like a hit.  I'm hoping that Miranda is okay that I featured purple and teal rather than teal and white, I went with what I have (in keeping with my policy of trying not to buy any supplies in an effort to use what I have.... and I have LOTS of supplies!).  I already have some bright fabric chosen for my next needle book so stay tuned.  (BTW Dave has asked me to create something specialized from this idea and I think it will be great......)
The cover:
Pages 1 and 2 -- The left side is for scissors and pins, the right is for needle threaders:
 Pages 3 and 4 -- quilting and crewel needles:
 pages 5 and 6 -- sharp embroidery and tapestry needles:
 The back cover:

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