Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recycled Journal

I got my mojo back and finally finished a project!  I have several large items in the works and they are spread out all over making it difficult to actually complete anything.  *sigh*  I watched Jennibellie's videos over on youtube. She made a totally cool journal from cardboard boxes (lighter weight boxes like cereal, etc.) so I grabbed cardboard and paint and went to work.  It's difficult to bring work with me when I sit at the galleries all day so last weekend I took a ball of cotton twine and dyed it there with spray inks.  Once it dried and I got it untangled:
 I used it to sew the book together.  This is the cover (very similar to Jenni's).
 A close-up of the sewn tag, wirework, and random fabric pieces on the front.
 I used packing craft type paper on the cover over cardboard and some costume jewelry.
 Some wooden beads that were given to me on the spine, can you see the dyed twine?
 The cover, pages and almost everything in the journal is made from painted cardboard   and I still have many pieces left.  I'm in the process of creating a smaller version for the kids in the CRE8! program to make.
 Some small tags:
 Close-up of the spray paint and stencil surface design and more jewelry:
I'm still saving boxes to make more of these.  Thanks, Jennibellie!

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