Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Etsy!!!!! Now!!!!!!! Buy!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my hubby, my Etsy store now has two more items! I LOVE making books, albums, journals! So much so that I end up with too many. It almost feels like selling a piece of me (probably all artists feel this way at first?), but there must be loving homes that would adopt my work and keep it safe from the boogyman........ so, that said..............
This is my Blue Green book (not very original titles, but, works for me!) which has 42 embellished and numbered pages:

I call this my Spring journal because the colors are, well........ spring-like! This book has a free motion stitched "star flower" on the cover (hand dyed fabric, too!) as well as 40 embellished numbered pages.

Both books are very interactive with tags plus lots of ribbons and tabs sticking out all over the place. Check out more pics on my etsy store.

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