Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome to Faerie Acres

Welcome to my new blog! I'm following in Jane's footsteps and consolidating/coordinating all of my blogs, emails, etc. to match my Etsy store for when I am famous and rich (snort!) so my followers won't be confused! Right now I am in the middle of sorting, reorganizing, tossing, etc. my huge stash of "stuff" to get ready for our little move to be followed by our BIG move to VA. Our house is under contract so when it sells we will be selling many things in a big yard sale, moving to an apartment and then trucking what's left to our home in VA. If all goes as plans we should be there permanently in May. In anticipation of the move and losing our Cox services you can reach me at Dave created and bought me some pretty cool business cards with all of the new information on them!
My next creative step is to send more items for attempted publication. And thanks to Miranda for the wonderful idea for Etsy, I will soon be taking special orders for fabric memento books like the one I made in VA this summer (this will be winging its way to Somerset Studio soon so I'm only posting the cover). I incorporated my photos of VA and the trip April and I took last fall to upstate NY along with some of the treasures we found there (sticks from my yard, blue jay feather, etc.). I loved making it and adding the hand sewn touches to make it unique.