Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More basket fun!

Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours at Mary Ann's house working on a basket. Our original plan was to weave a basket and then go pick blueberries. Since it rained most of the day and it was rather soggy out we nixed the berry picking, but still made baskets. Before I show the one I made yesterday (my third basket so far) I thought I would show my very first basket. It is a "napkin" basket, but I have placed it in the loft bathroom to hold bath supplies.
For my basket yesterday I wanted to add some dimension to the weaving similar to some baskets I saw at a farm museum last Saturday. I adapted this pattern; the original was monotone, I added the curls in a contrasting brown so you could actually see them! It's not perfect, but I love doing the twining for the bottom. This is also my first attempt at a round base. I am SO loving making baskets........
For all you in AZ: notice the nice, tall, GREEN trees in the background. It's amazing what grows in a rainy clime!

Our next basket project will be to make mini baskets with the bazillion leftovers Mary Ann has at her house. Stay tuned.............


  1. You are knocking them out!! I love the round one and can't wait to see the mini baskets!!! ~Shelley O.

  2. I'm glad you found my blog and commented so I could see your beautiful baskets. Very pretty. I've been enjoying snooping around your blog here. You are very creative!