Thursday, July 1, 2010

Schmutz Ahoy!

Thanks to April for my last post! We now have DSL (a LOT sooner than expected out here in the woods!) so I can upload pics and post now. I have been busy and finished 2 Schmutz books from schmutz I collected on my trip to NY. The Nutri-Grain/Starbucks book was made last Spring during a day-long workshop at work and is primarily from items I found in the meeting and at the restaurant at which we ate lunch. It even includes a mini book from a Nerds box.

For the Piroulines book, I left the cookies at my sister's. I don't like Hazelnut flavoring, but HAD to have the box to make this book:

I think this Good & Fruity box was collected from Sara and Laura last summer when I visited:

All of these books are made from what I call "Schmutz," which is a nice way of saying "the crap that most people throw out that I obssessively save." The thrill is finding a new way of using something most people toss without looking at!
Now, on to rusting fabric and transforming an old trunk/suitcase/valise we purchased for a dollar at the local auction house! Oh, goody: another way to find Schmutz (and I have a permanent bidding number, shocker! LOL)! To be continued after tonight's auction..............


  1. I thought we had so much in common until you denounced hazelnut!! lol! Love what you did with the "schmutz!" Looks really fun. Your class could make these and use them as journals. I just saw a girl who remade a suitcase and it turned out adorable. If I can find where I saw it, I will email you the link for more inspiration:) ~Shelley O.