Saturday, October 9, 2010

Favorite Photos from Central NY

I traveled to Central New York last week to visit my mother in Madison and my sister in Binghamton and while there I assisted at my mother's quilt guild's bi-annual quilt show. I chose a few of the photos (from the 200+ that I took) to show you. It took me several shots and flocks of Canada geese to figure out how to shoot them (manual focus!) so here is by far the largest flock I saw. This was taken at Madison Lake in my hometown of Madison:
Again at Madison Lake. I was going for the windmills in the distance (they were not around when I grew up in Madison so they fascinate me) and ended up with a fab shot of the trees' reflection on the lake:
A view of the street in Madison, again showcasing the beautiful fall colors:
A close-up of the Maple leaves:
And finally (for this post) the fog over the hills on my way to the quilt show:

I have more so check out the post below!

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  1. Lovely autumn scenes, we are having some beautiful late sunshine in the UK.
    I am pleased you enjoyed the small piece I sent you.
    Best wishes.