Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nuts! and a finished project

I actually started and completed a project in two days..........unbelievable. I usually start a project, get partway through and abandon it to my ever-growing pile of UFOs. *Sigh* However, I bought a couple of cute patterns at the Cazenovia fabric store while visiting central NY. One was a cute quilted bag made from the 5" squares you can buy at quilt fabric stores. I purchased a pack of Moda's Urban Couture (Basic Grey paper line) earlier this summer and decided to go for it. There's a very good reason why I don't quilt! I'll leave that up to my mother, I'll try art quilts. None of the seams matched up and some of the pieces are upside-down, but by God! I finished this little sucker, hand-sewn zipper and all! I think it's cute despite it's flaws. I may even try another one being a little more careful with my seams. I'm much better at random sewing than trying to make even seam widths. Maybe if I just practiced more? I'll have to ponder that.....
The squirrels are out in force the past couple of weeks finally eating some of the bazillion acorns littering our property. I tried out my long lens to shoot one of the guys eating:
Finally: Elf Ears! I'm planning to use this as my Facebook pic, it's SO me!

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