Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Journal Pages

I completed a few more pages for Dawn's NaNoJouMo prompts. I haven't considered myself a journaler per se, but I really want to continue to journaling. This has been a great experience so far and I WON'T give up! I am a few days behind, but today will be a great day to catch up as my husband is varnishing the wood stairs leading up to my art room and I am not allowed on them until tomorrow. Dang, why did I have to be so anal and put almost ALL of my art supplies upstairs yesterday? This will be a test of how much I can do with what I have available downstairs! Fortunately all of my Zentangle and journal supplies are here with me. Whew! Anywhoo........... Day 5 (drat, I noticed that I put Day 4 on the journal entry, I fixed it, but am keeping the incorrect photo!) word was equanimity. The "name tag" near the center of the page is actually a drink cling I took from April's stash we cleaned out while I was in AZ. I LOVE "Hello, my name is..." name tags, but I can't say why! Basically I just put the definition of equanimity on the page and journaled a little about the difficult of maintaining that state.
Day 6: esoteric Just wanted to put a watercolor flower on the text collaged page without much writing.
Day 7 is my favorite so far! The word was moment and the text reads: "yesterday is only a memory, tomorrow but a dream. today, this MOMENT, is all that exists. This MOMENT happens only ONCE. live it!"

Happy journaling!

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