Friday, November 19, 2010

What I've been making -- Part 1

I have not been faithfully following the word prompts for Dawn's NaNoJouMo, but I HAVE been working in my Moleskine journal. Truthfully, the words have not inspired me to do much with them, so I stopped trying to force it. I have written them down as a reference and may work with them eventually, but for now I'm doing my own thing. Both pages below have watercolor crayon/pencil backgrounds (love experimenting with these), the left hand page has a stamped saying (I did actually put the word "reverie" on the page) along with a tab and a chipboard piece leftover from another project. The right page is just a rant from yesterday about my inability to complete most of the projects I start. I'm working on that!

I think I may have already posted the "esoteric" page, but didn't feel like cropping photos today, so apologies if it is a repeat. That left hand page has book pages collaged as a background, the flower is watercolor pencil, and the word "esoteric" is gel pens. Right hand page is day 10: liberty.

I've been attempting, in vain so far, to learn to knit. I can make the stitches, but my tension is too tight, the pattern I want to work has yarn-overs and stitches knitted together and I can only get so far before I start heaving the needles across the room! I keep going back to the needles and hopefully someday I will get the tension correct. I CAN crochet, however! Dave and I traveled to Elkin, NC to get some more yummy wine from Carolina Heritage Vineyards and also stopped in the local yarn store. I am crocheting a purse (supposed to be fall colors since it will have leaves and an acorn closure) in some pretty jewel toned yarn. I have completed the front and back panels and am now working on the sides. I love the way the colors are turning out:

Hey, look! I actually finished something! I worked up a smaller version of my Rag Journal (see previous posts) with sketch/drawing paper for the pages. It measures appr. 5" X 7" and I think it turned out cute. I'll have to get some more finished for my etsy shop.

I also completed all of the steps so far in Linda's stitch-along quilt on Thistledown & Co. blog. I was getting severely frustrated the other day following the directions so I left Linda a message which she promptly answered on her blog. Seems a vital step never posted. Whew! I was getting worried, but now have the quilt top up to speed with her directions. I haven't done too badly with matching seams so far. The fabric is Moda and I think my "dark" could have been darker for more contrast, but I love the fabric anyway.

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  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog; it made my day! I just REALLY love your work.