Monday, November 29, 2010


We have a flock of over 20 wild turkeys roaming the woods and our property. They seem to be enjoying the huge amount of acorns that fell from our oak trees earlier this fall. Sometimes we will see them twice a day and some days not at all. Dave and I usually stop what we are doing and just watch them scratching under the leaves, backing up to eat whatever they've found. They make quite a few different noises (haven't hear the "gobble" yet! lol) and just are fun to watch. At first glance they seem to be, how shall I say this, on the not-so-pretty end of the bird spectrum, but hopefully you can see in this shot that their feathers are really rather pretty! Shades of rich brown and speckled. I keep waiting for them to shed these beauties so I can add them to my art.

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