Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carla Sonheim Journal and Snow in the Mountains

Since my mother doesn't read my blog I feel safe in showing progress on her Christmas present. I have signed up for Carla Sonheim's journal and purse class which I have envied since I saw it presented at Joggles. She has offered the class on her blog so I jumped at the chance to take this online class from her. Carla offered her drawings to use as a focal point for the cover of the journal, but instead I enlarged the Matroiska pattern I had used for my mother's needle case (see earlier post) and appliqued it for the cover. So far we have created the outside and inside cover with fabric and lace and I am anxiously awaiting the next steps:
The front:

the inside cover with a small pocket on the back:

This morning it snowed! Wahoo! Before you Easterners excoriate me for rejoicing in the first snowfall remember that we moved precisely for the colder and changing weather! In Phoenix there was (and still is) not discernable change in weather, it just goes from very hot in the summer to not so hot in the winter. Sure, you may be enjoying the "cooler" weather now, but call me in August! We just couldn't deal with the same-old, same-old day in a day out. Yesterday it rained 6" and today it snowed. LOVE IT! The snow is beginning to melt already as the sun is coming out, but it is still windy and fabulous outside! We are toasty in here with the new wood stove burning away in the basement.

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