Friday, June 24, 2011

Making Stuff for Dylan

In between gardening and cleaning my studio I have made several items for Dylan. He'll be visiting shortly and it is colder here than AZ. We Skype every night and who could resist this smile?
I purchased from a member of one of my Yahoo groups some small pieces of fabric. This was probably over a year ago and since they were basically "I Spy" squares and I had no small children I shoved them into a corner where they languished until I cleaned and found them. And NOW I have someone to use them for! I just pieced them together and used some of the longer pieces for sashing andd binding. The back is cotton muslin and the batting is 100% cotton as well. It's all hand quilted and ready for the visit.
Here is a close-up of some of the random squares, I just used what I had:
And then I crocheted a monkey thinking that the orange might be too weird, but it's bright enough for Dylan to see when we Skype. His name is Earl according to Darrin.

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