Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Journal and a New Idea Forming

Although I've been busy making "stuff" for Dylan (currently a quilted growth chart and Cat in the Hat book) I've still been working on my creative ideas. This Accordian Photo Album may have many lives in the near future. It was fun and not quite as, how shall I say this, all consuming as one of my fabric photo books. With just 6 photos and a handful of memorabilia from Dylan's birth and baby shower I created this blue and green fabric Accordian Photo Album which I hope will be making its appearance in other places as well. This page incorporates some confetti from the shower tables and the spine is closed with gift wrapping ribbon from a present. Each page has a button and embroidery to tie them all together visually.
This is how the book looks when fully open:
Cheri "accidentally" left a basket of fabric at my house last week so I pulled out a couple of pre-cut pieces (which, in my defense, looked like they were intended for a book/journal cover anyway, I swear!) and whipped up a little book for her. I quilted the two pieces in a square spiral, added an abstract flower of hand-dyed cotton, sewed some stars and beads here and there and finally added a stamped fabric label:
The "stuff" stamp was carved from an eraser.
The pages are samples of my current obsession with spray painting (which is looking more and more like the subject of my zine for Alma's I ♥ Zines 2011). Cheri plans to use this little book for photos of her cutie patootie granddaughter!

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