Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paint, Paint, and more Paint #2

I haven't figured out how to get more than 5 photos per post, so had to split this into two posts. Sorry! The following pieces are all inspired by books I have in my library. The first is (on the left) piece of the same canvas fabric in the previous post that I played with following along with Traci Bautista in "Collage Unleased." I had used her methods before with a friend but we weren't really following what Traci does as closely as I would have liked, so I jumped back in scrunching a dipping this piece of fabric (and LOOK! more circles!).
On the right are some canvas boards inspired by the purple and green canvases I showed earlier. I used molding paste to create texture as a base and again limited my palette, some of the acrylic paint is full body and some are watered down. These will become covers, the orange/yellow will be combined with the painted canvas on the earlier post. Stay tuned for that!
Working out of Mary Todd Beam's "The Creative Edge" I again used paste for texture only this time using a watercolor wash and some acrylic inks.
Here is a close up showing the juicy texture. This will be a great background for a project.
This afternoon I pulled out "Painted Paper" by Alisa Golden and worked with only acrylic inks. This method is her "dropper and dry brush outlines" technique. I LOVE THIS! I'm definitely going to be using more inks from now on. I love that they are permanent and their colors are very intense.
A close-up:


  1. Some interesting results. Dylan looks a charmer already.