Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sneak Peek.........

Well, technically speaking the first two photos aren't really a "sneak" peak since I'm showing the entire piece, but the last three are! I've been super busy creating the past week or so, the creative juices have been flowing and the muse has been working overtime. I'm ahead of my self-imposed deadlines which makes me ecstatic! The first piece is another accordian photo album which came out even better than the green/blue one I made a while ago. I added sticks to the ends which helps support the cloth album and love the way it stands on its own now without flopping. I loathe to put support between the page layers as I like the feel of the cloth better so I had to devise another way for supporting the album. The color scheme is based on the hand painted canvas I recently worked on. Here is the "cover", there really isn't a specific cover as the book can be reversed and/or set up 2 ways in accordian style:
And here it is unfolded:
I have plans for the accordian photo album so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!
Now for the real "sneak" peeks! I worked on three other pieces for which I have specific plans so for now all I'm showing are close-ups of each piece.
#1: blue and white dragonfly
#2 rag journal
#3 burgundy photo album

Please keep fingers AND toes crossed for this goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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