Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Barf Bag Book!

As my husband says, "Who needs fancy art supplies?" Apparently I don't especially on a flight from Phoenix to Chicago yesterday. I might have created this book while watching a movie (since this flight actually had headphones to use, but the movie was "Rio" and I detest cartoons. On the flight out "Thor" was playing, but I had no headphones. Go figure) I made this Barf Bag Book on the plane with limited space and limited supplies. The pretty blue barf bag is the cover and I braided the perle cotton I shoved into my bag (anticipating book making) for the tie. In between the snoring to my left and the woman who kept toppling on to me while she slept I managed to create this little cutie:
The flight attendants either didn't care that I was using the barf bag or didn't pay attention (most likely the latter since the flight was full and we hit storm turbulence over Chicago).
The pages are scrapbook cardstock weight paper, paper bags from my food purchases, scrap paper I had written notes/lists on, and some lightweight sketching paper shoved in the bottom of my carry on.

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  1. This is fantastic...what you know that is my favorite quality...this is excellent...Really nice to meet you...!Good luck for the journal..the drawing will be Sept 19th and Ill announce later that night..!