Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paint, Paint, and more Paint #1

In between rain drops the last couple of weeks (and when I'm not transplanting things in my gardens) I've been out on the patio painting like nobody's business! I've needed to expand my "artsiness" so grabbed some paints, a few good art books and went to work. These large papers are spray painted using lace cardstock as stencils. For this project I was inspired by Debra Cooper's All About Patterns class over at 21 Secrets Playground (you can still register here). Such a fun class. I loved the spray painting part, but was impatient with the all over stamping part so I just played with the cans. Both Cheri and April have dabbled here as well and both seemed to love it.
Cheri has been growing (among many other things) poppies in her flower garden. They've all bloomed by now and just the poppy pods are left, so I grabbed one and inspired by the current issue of Somerset Studio spray painted the pods metallic gold. (Of course that was after spreading the seeds in MY garden!)
Using left over paint from a project not seen here I rustled up two small canvases and painted them green and purple. They needed white circles and black splotches and voila! So simple, but I really like them.
I hadn't painted fabric in a while so I took a rather large piece of cheapo canvas/muslin type fabric from the local store washed it hoping to remove the finish (didn't get it all out so the paint didn't absorb like I was hoping.... probably have to spring for some synthropol after all... *sigh*), dried it and purposely did not press any wrinkles out. I limited my palette to only 3 colors and black (yellow, red, and orange) on the piece. I wrapped a rubber band around a foam brayer for the black faux snakeskin pattern.
And stamped circles with the plastic center out of a transparent tape spool. Love the circles, they seem to be showing up everywhere in my current art pieces. After the paint was dry I finally ironed the wrinkles. I like leaving them in when I paint, I think it gives character to the piece.

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