Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm still playing with my silver and copper wire (loving Thunderbird Supply... fast, fast shipping and great prices! They have a brick and mortar store in Flagstaff........ already planning a trip up when I got to AZ for Dylan's birthday in Feb.) This journal has sterling silver wire embellishments rather than the copper I used on the yellow rose journal. The focal point for the cover is an older photo of a pink starflower. I used some Moda fabric with pink, green, and yellow for the background on white canvas.
I made this freeform accent with the last of my wire (I've since received more wire from Thunderbird)
I created many wrapped beads for practice and used several on the spine along with a mixed media tassel.
I haven't finished this brown and purple journal yet, so I'm only showing a peek. I hand stitched small pieces of fabric onto batting and did my version of the rolled corded edging to attach the lining. I'm envisioning some copper beaded accents on it!

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