Sunday, January 30, 2011

As Easy as ABC

April wanted to see the progress on the panel ABC book that I am working up for Dylan. This is not the replica of an interactive alphabet book that I sewed for April when she was little. For that one I have to recreate the pattern from photos of her book since I no longer have the commercial pattern and cannot find it on the web. So... I need to get cracking on that... the current version for Dylan will be MUCH easier to sew. Nowadays there's this product called fusible web which was not around 25+ years ago when sewing April's book. It was such a pain in the patoot to make that I never made one for Bryan (appliquéing now is easy peasy, not so much back then) and subsequently more than likely tossed the horrid pattern!
This book is made from a panel (and I almost had to beg to buy the only panel left in the store!) the reason for purchasing was the owl. I have machine embroidered the letters and edges and plan to add hand embroidery before finishing. The pages will be bound back to back with binding made from coordinating fabric and I'm not sure exactly how the pages will be bound together, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!
Here are the first four pages and once I found a cool presser foot that works great with the machine appliqué process (who knew what great stuff came with my machine!?), I plan to do some more outlining with my machine on these pages....
This is the "O" page which enticed me to beg for the panel in the first place:
Currently I am working on the "U" page so it should be finished soon.......

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  1. Your sewing is beautiful! I'm jut learning to use my sewing machine and curves present quite a challenge!