Friday, January 7, 2011

Mini Art Quilts

This post is per Cheri's request since she is out of state with her new granddaughter. I recently finished a couple of mini art quilts inspired by The Uncommon Quilter by Jeanne Williamson. Some are almost exactly what she had done in the book and some are my own take using her ideas as a springboard.
"Sinus Rhythm" is an onion bag heart and machine stitching:
"Lace Redux" started out the same as Jeanne's, but I was not feeling the painting part so after rubbing the lace design onto muslin with a crayon I embroidered french knots and some X's and then added matching buttons:
"Je Suis" is another of my versions from the book. It is dedicated to Karen who sent me "schmutz" from her trip to France and I used the pamphlets on this piece:
I used rayon thread to stitch "Skittles" (a rainbow of flavors!) after patching the black/white dotted fabrics:
"Forsythia" is an almost exact copy from the book with stitched branches and painted buds:

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