Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Gift

 This was a journal that I started several months ago.  I got as far as the quilted background and denim snap closure and hit a wall.  Wasn't sure what I wanted to put on the cover so I set it aside until recently.  Looking through my bucket o' patterns I found the directions for how to make the fabric flower that I put on the cover.  I hadn't make one prior because I didn't have a glue gun, it was one of the items I didn't keep in our move cross country.  I have since purchased a glue gun so decided to give this flower a try.  Didn't come out perfectly, but there is enough leeway in the pattern that I can get away with the imperfections!  This journal is a Christmas gift (I don't want to say whose it is as she may read this blog and doesn't know she's even getting a gift from me...... shhhhhh.....) and she just so happens to like purple............ there was a reason I hadn't finished earlier!
The cover:
The closure is a snap from a recycled denim jacket and I created some wool felt leaves adding some stitching and seed beads:
 A close-up of the flower with a fabric covered button and some more seed beads sprinkled in the center:
 One of my "signature" embellishments -- the hand gathered ribbon -- with some more fabric covered buttons and a fish eye pearl button for decoration:
I'll let you know if she likes it after she receives it!

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