Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Journal from STITCHED

If you haven't gone over and checked out STITCHED, you need to do so!  It's a group of 20 artists each showcasing their stitching talents with so many great workshops my head is spinning with ideas.  I'm so lucky as one of the artists.......... I've been sampling the goods already!  The workshops officially go online in a few days, Jan. 1, 2012 so don't miss out!  Click here to see all the juicy details.
This is my first project from the workshops.  I adapted Cindy Caraway's 

Fabric Flower Corsage Cuff and made a journal cover.  No pages yet, but I wanted to show you what I did created so far.  The cover is moiré taffeta that I got at the thrift store last week (a steal... over 5 yards for $1) with cotton batting in between.  Over the taffeta is a rectangular handkerchief with Battenburg lace that I tea dyed.  I embellished with 3 wool flowers nestled on ruffled organza and accented with off white pearls.  In between 2 of the flowers is a decorative pin with some beads on it.  

The wool flowers are made following Cindy's directions in her workshop.  She used upholstery fabric, but I really like the way the fulled wool (from a thrift store skirt) turned out!  I glued a pearl in the center of each flower.

In the lower right hand corner I places some half pearls from Stampin' Up Pretties that I purchased years ago and finally remembered to get them out.  I embroidered a field of cream french knots around the pearls.
The dark blue wool flowers are made from another thrift store skirt that I also fulled in the washer and dryer some time ago.  It's been waiting for the perfect project!  Stay tuned for more goodies from the STITCHED workshops..................

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