Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ornaments for Dylan

It'a a good thing that April took a photo of the ornaments that I made for Dylan this Christmas because I totally forgot to do so!  Dylan doesn't really need anything as far as presents so I decided to make him ornaments every year.  April still has the ones that I made when they were little so I knew she would take care of them and appreciate the effort I put into making the ornaments.  In fact she should be receiving two ornaments from my mother from when I was little.  Since we don't have a tree here (well, we have pine trees but they're all outside!) I felt she would appreciate having several generations of ornaments on her tree.  The three square ornaments are left over from last year's project.  The stocking was my own design and embroidered on felt.  The owl  I found on Plushka's blog and made a pattern from the photo.  And the peppermint candy is a tutorial from pinksuedeshoe.com.

I already pinned some ideas for next year on Pinterest and plan to order from Herrschner's.  Better get a bigger tree, April!

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