Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bean Pot Basket ---SCORE!

One thing that tickles me is tackling a difficult project and ending up with a piece that I like! In preparation for an item I will be offering in my Etsy once it's up and running (this week!) I made a basket that actually had to be shaped as it was constructed. The last basket I made (you will notice that I have not posted it!) came out so funky-shaped that I stuck my peacock feathers in it and plunked it down by the non-working fireplace. It was supposed to be tall and square. Mine: not so much! It still looks okay with my feathers, but I know what it's supposed to look like! Cheri and I joined the Surry County Basket Makers Guild and attended our first meeting last Tuesday down near Mt. Airy, NC. Each month a member creates a kit and we work on it at the meeting. It was fun even if my basket is funky! Anyway, this Bean Pot Basket had to be shaped from fat to skinny and I actually did it! After struggling to twine the base and take out the reed a couple of times the rest wasn't too bad. I had to use a different reed for the rim which was much thicker than what I should have used and I struggled to get it shaped, but it finally worked. Here it is:

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