Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foggy Mountain (no breakdown)

One of the "issues" I had with living in Arizona was the same weather day in and day out. Yes, there's no snow and it doesn't get cold, but after over 30 years it was pretty boring! Yawn! Today I woke up to light rain, it drizzled all morning and when I left mid-morning to check out a fiber and fabric event in NC, it was very, very foggy! It was foggy all the way down the mountain and into Cana, NC where it was still drizzling. I imagine Stephen King driving down Rt. 52 off the mountain and dreaming up "The Mist", one his short stories. Anyway....... the fiber and fabric thingy was at a historic working farm and was quite interesting. This is the view of my street from the road:
This is our house enveloped in fog (and as I look out my window it is still foggy!):
I couldn't resist taking a photo for April at the grocery store in Mt. Airy, NC where I stopped to get cash. I've never seen this specialized parking before!


  1. Love that parking sign...never had them when I was! Congrats on being a Grandma!