Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pink 'Shrooms......really!

Ok, I lied. The mushrooms aren't really pink, they're FUCHSIA!! We have been receiving quite a bit of rain here lately (I've heard tell from the locals that May is supposed to be the rainy month, but this summer it seems to be August) and when it rains, there are many, many mushrooms growing on our property. I've seen white, brown, gray, black, orange, yellow, smooth, warty, and even some purple mushrooms, but today takes the cake! The fuchsia (and believe me, the color is not as bright in the photos as in real life -- I will try again tomorrow when the sun is out to see if I can capture the true color) mushrooms growing out of the base of a dead tree blew me away today when I took my walk through our woods! They are not very big, maybe a little larger than a thumb, and as velvety in texture as they look. So cool! I had to share:

UPDATE ON AUG. 25: I emailed David Fischer over at American Mushrooms this morning and he responded very quickly to my inquiry about this mushroom and here is his reply: This is a unique edible* mushroom with a tart taste, Fistulina hepatica, commonly called the "Beefsteak Polypore." I've never seen one quite so DEEPLY pink! Thanks, David!

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