Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another what?

If you guess another journal, why you'd be correct!  I've found that making a reasonable to-do list each night before going to bed keeps me relatively focused the next day.  By "reasonable" I mean I don't write down things like: make a journal, finish 3 projects.  I make the goals things that really need to be done or finished.  For example I'll put "find and cut pages for journal" and most likely will do more than that, but if I don't at least I've made progress.  I have a Creativity Journal that I record what I've done artistically during each day.  Since this is my "job" now I need to see that I'm making progress and not just piddling around all day.  With my list in front of me I'm less likely to literally spin in a circle and ask myself "What now?" and walk back out of my studio.  Some of my goals involve actively promoting my art and I feel I've made good progress in that area as well.  2012 is off to a good start!
The new journal is similar to my last two so it may look familiar.  The rosette is burgundy moiré taffeta this time and burlap backing.  
 The rosette framed by gathered cotton lace and organza
The pearls and french knot accents
 The beaded spine
 I found some velvet covered buttons I had purchased several years ago that were the perfect color for the closure
 Each of the three signatures of sketch paper have two Basic Grey patterned cardstock folios for a little added pizzazz

The cut-work muslin layer on the cover is open in the back making a secret pocket

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