Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying to De-Stash

 It would come as no shock if I were to tell you that I have waaaaayyyyy too much stuff here.  The problem is that I can't focus or find anything when I want to create.  It will probably take me eons to really de-stash, but I have to start somewhere.  After cleaning through my collage materials and stickers, making a list (partial) of things I have waaaayyy too much of, and then creating a list (again, partial) of ideas for these items I dove in and made some journals.  It really is an assembly line process, but I am making headway (ok, barely, but.......... I've got to start somewhere!).  I have a shitload ton of decorative file folders so I took some coordinating cardstock from my ginormous stash and started cutting...... and cutting......... and cutting, then folding..... folding....... folding to make these small (appr. 4 x 6) journals.  I raided what was left of my stickers and then dumped out my charms.  I've made 15 so far and many more in the studio that need to be bound, but like I said, I've at least gotten started.  Have I made a dent in my stash?  Meh.......... not enough.  *heavy sigh*  
Anyway.......... I think they came out cute and I did use some of my supplies!
I'll be listing one a day on Etsy.  Here's the first one:
 Each book has colored cardstock pages which coordinate with the cover and a charm on the spine:
I didn't take a photo of the pages for each book (it was cold outside!) but trust me, they coordinate.  Here's the sample photo I took to give you an idea:
The 4 X 6 journals are $6.00 each so go get one on Etsy!

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  1. Those are so CUTE - but I look around for supplies for my STITCHED workshops, I'm seeing how much stuff I have here! Things I didn't even remember I had. Now you've got me wanting to make some cute little journals.

    Once you start looking around, it's a real eye-opener, isn't it?