Friday, January 6, 2012

More STITCHED flowers

I'm having a blast over at STITCHED!  I have watched almost all of the videos and seem to be in a "rut" making flowers from Annie's Fabric Flowers 101........ lol [Side note:  I'm a little stupid where the new blogger is concerned, I haven't figured out how to upload my photos in the order I want.  It seems to be willy-nilly and I haven't mastered moving them around, but I will eventually, so for now I apologize that they are not in the "correct" order.]  I have made quite a few of the ruched flower because............... last year in Phoenix I bought two "jelly rolls" at Tuesday Morning really, really cheap (as far as jelly rolls go) and hadn't used them yet.  Yes, shocker........NOT!  Well, they are the perfect size for making the ruched flowers so I pressed one of each style and then sit at night watching TV and stitching.  My fingers are sore between that and the present I'm making for April's birthday.  But............ I persevere!  These two ruched flowers are my favorites so far.  They do take some time to sew up, but I love the results so much I feel the time invested is well worth it!
 I've experimented with several sizes and fabric types for the 30's rosettes.  Here I have salmon satin, white crinkle satin, two types of printed velvet, and a cheapo piece of printed poly/cotton ( I say cheapo because the design is "painted" on the right side of the fabric and not woven in so it is more difficult to pull a needle through, but it still worked out well):
 They will all eventually have accents, but I'm saving them for journal covers so will wait to see what coordinates when the time comes.  This printed velvet on the left has been waiting around for YEARS to be used!  And I DO mean years......... eons ago I worked at House of Fabrics and bought a small piece of this printed velvet (at the time it was expensive) as I was in my lined vest making phase and had planned to make a vest front, but I never got around to it and my vest days waned.  I loved the fabric so much it is probably the only piece that made it all the way to VA from AZ!  
 And a shot of the five ruched flowers I have made so far.  They will also have accents in the center, but not yet.  I'm just making a ton of things to use on journals right now.  Soon I will be using them and will have a choice!
If you haven't joined STITCHED  yet registration is still open so go here to get the information.  Don't forget  that one lucky student will win a free sewing machine!  Alma also has other prizes lined up!


  1. Yours are so beautiful! You know the thing I'm finding about STITCHED? Once I decide on a project, I have to let the others go while I work on it. That's hard to do right now. I'm working on Heartstrings, making beads and hearts and yoyo's. I'm thinking that six months is just gonna FLY by!

  2. Thank you, Sequana! Have you posted any photos yet? I'd love to see your interpretation of Heartstrings.

  3. I love them! Now how I can make them out of trash lol!