Thursday, January 19, 2012

Corset File Folder Journal

 I made six large (4X6) and 4 small (3 X 3) journals yesterday as well as designing two more (think sweater ruffles!) so I'm on a roll!  I'm listing one journal per day on Etsy (I've heard this is a good way to keep your shop "out there") so today is the Corset journal.  I've had these stickers for eons and what have I been saving them for?  Geesh.......... my whole studio consists of "what have I been saving this for" stuff........USE IT!  I think I'll make that my mantra this year.........USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!  If nothing else April will have less shit crap , er.... stuff (yeah, that's it: stuff) to sort through in 50 years when I die!  Anyway, here is the cover:
A close-up of the corner sticker and purse charm on the spine.
No pics of the cardstock pages, but they coordinate with the cover colors.  Each of the journals (small and large) have 12 pages (24 sides).  This 4X6 sells for $6.00 + $1.50 shipping.  I'm off to finish some more projects!  Stay tuned..............

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