Saturday, January 28, 2012

Duct tape, paint, stitch............

It's been a busy week........... still cleaning, sorting, moving, burning, etc. all of the stuff I don't want anymore............ got rid of lots, but still have lots............. 
I made some simple books from game cards and Anne Geddes greeting cards using duct tape for the spines.    I like using duct tape and I have rolls in many colors to choose from.  The sad thing is each book takes so little that I'm not making much of a dent in my supplies.
 The recent issue of Quilting Arts had a cool tutorial for surface design on fabric (which didn't really work so I made up my own instructions!).  I painted muslin and some distressed cheesecloth and sewed them together.  The pieces are in my "cover" pile to be turned into books in the near future.  I used blue and green for this batch and have purple/pink drying in the studio right now.  There is leftover cheesecloth that will be used in other projects somehow.  An overall view:
The distressed cheesecloth and stitiching:
I did use some of the cheesecloth with some of my dyed muslin:

 With some of the other dyed muslin in my stash I practiced free motion stitching ( this is a swirl flower pattern) for some more covers:
Close up:

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  1. You may never get through all your supplies, but if you keep working like this they will all be even more beautiful!

    I know that doesn't help the cleaning up, but still........

    I have finished my Heartstrings project now and am thinking of the way to make my first page of the album. This first planning will be the base, so it's important. After this, it'll all have a nice rhythm, I hope.